BTC Lift Off, Cross-Hairs at $4,500

  • Bitcoin Price recover, bulls bounce back
  • Market leaders set positives in Blockchain and crypto
  • There is a jump in market participation level. Volumes swell in the 4HR time frame

After Jan 20 drops, BTC is finding support at around $3,500—the lower limit of our support zone. As a result, there is a likelihood that Bitcoin prices will rally in coming days.

Bitcoin Price AnalysisFundamentals

Jerry Yang has been a longtime fan of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. So, his recent comment at the Nikkei Innovation Asia Forum held in Singapore is nothing new. At the Forum, he said blockchain is a perfect fit for banks and trading.

Yang is particularly impressed by the type of infrastructure in progress saying it shall have a long-term implication. However, this is not the first time he has endorsed this nascent technology.

In a CNBC interview back in late 2017,  the Yahoo Co-founder said he was a firm believer in cryptocurrencies and the efficiencies it tags goes a long way in benefiting the society not only from transactions point of view but from it does create a transparent system.

As we know, banks’ operations are often opaque, and it is common to hear of large settlement after being held accountable for facilitating money laundering or defrauding customers.

Candlestick Arrangements

At spot rates, BTC prices are stable and positively hovering above the lower limit of our support zone at $3,500. From candlestick arrangement, this is bullish, and if anything, developments, especially in the 4HR chart, is exceptionally optimistic meaning aggressive traders can initiate positions at spot rates.

Behind this optimism is a bullish pin bar—clearer in the 4HR chart—bouncing off Jan 20 lows at the back of above average volumes—5k versus 2k. Increasing demand in lower time frames means there is a similar pattern in the daily chart, lifting investor confidence.

All the same, we shall interpret this as positive, but before we recommend risk-averse traders to buy, BTC prices first need to rally above $3,800 or Jan 14 highs. Only then will traders execute with first targets at $4,500 with liquidation level at around $3,500-700.

Technical Indicators

There is a rejection of lower lows and backing this resurgence is increasing demand for BTC as aforementioned. The double bar bull reversal pattern in the 4HR chart is at the back of high trading volumes—5k versus 2k. Because of this, risk-off traders can buy at spot rates, but it is ideal if there is confirmation as a spike in market participation drive prices above $3,800.


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