Bitcoin Remains Below $6,500


August 17 saw the first major attempt to reverse fortunes, but these gains have not been widely consolidated. At press time, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading below the $6,500 price point and Ethereum (ETH) has dipped below $300.

Bitcoin (BTC) is currently seeing almost no change over the past 24 hours at press time, trading at around $6,380, according to Cointelegraph’s Bitcoin price index. Yesterday’s bullish but short-lived spike upwards towards the $6,500 mark has failed to hold, and the coin has today seen a slide to as low as $6,330. While it has since stemmed its losses, Bitcoin has failed to break back above $6,500, seeing a jagged recovery to trade within the $6,400 range. On the week, Bitcoin is now up just half a percent, but its monthly losses remain at a stark 14.56 percent.

Ethereum (ETH) is trading just under $300 at press time at $395, up around 1.85 percent on the day. The top altcoin has staked a tentative and gradual ascent back up towards $300 over the past 24-hours, trading at $285 at the start of the period. Nonetheless, yesterday’s strong momentum to break above $310 has not been re-attempted today. Ethereum’s losses on its weekly chart are at around 8 percent; on the month, the asset has plummeted by 37 percent. Since crashing below $300 August 13, Ethereum notably continues to trade at a price point not seen since early November 2017.


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