BlockClick is Now Available on Partida Services and Exhina


BlockClick, a blockchain platform designed to reduce fraud in the digital marketing industry, has unveiled two new listings on key exchanges. BlockClick is now available on Partida Services OÜ’s p2pb2b exchange, which supports up to 10,000 trades per second, and Exhina, which is committed to account safety and adheres to the strictest international standards and legal requirements.

Both platforms offer secure registration and intuitive tools for buying cryptocurrency, using funds, and managing accounts. The p2pb2b exchange applies two-factor authentication and KYC (know your client) regulation to all accounts, requiring companies working with private funds to identify the counterparty prior to completing a financial transaction.

Continued Expansion Into Cryptocurrency Exchanges

BlockClick’s announcement comes on the heels of an application and integration process with HitBTC. One of the most experienced cryptocurrency exchanges on the market, HitBTC launched in 2013, and is currently ranked #6 in overall daily trading volume by CoinMarketCap and billed as the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other types of cryptocurrency are now supported by this advanced platform.

Digital Marketing and Fraud

The digital advertising industry has faced fraud on many levels, from authenticity of transactions to traffic and metrics. All parties involved face issues of trust and security. BlockClick accepts not only Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also Litecoin, Monero, and other cryptocurrencies, which further highlights the importance of its latest and future listings. In fact, BlockClick enables access to the blockchain from any existing platform, providing digital advertisers with a great deal of flexibility.

BlockClick Is Here to Stay

Advertisers, digital marketing network providers, and publishers can utilize BlockClick to deploy smart contracts via the Ethereum network. The platform is designed around the tenets of transparency and accountability. Buyers and sellers can therefore record impressions, clicks, and conversions while tracking events and using their BLOK tokens, ensuring complete transactional purity.

Launched in Q2 2018, BlockClick provides a trustworthy platform for digital advertisers leveraging the blockchain. It deploys configurable smart contracts via the Ethereum network, so all parties involved can validate their marketing campaigns and transactions. Smart contracts include agreed-upon parameters, hence, the security of agreements and requirements being strictly enforced.


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