After Taking On the Wall Street Bull, Sapien Brings Massive 7′ Harambe West to Stare Down the Facebook

The Sapien Tribe, the first sovereign digital nation dedicated to putting the needs and welfare of human beings and our planet first, has taken its giant 7′ Harambe statue west to stare down the Facebook-Zuckerberg machine at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, CA, and lay 10,000 bananas around Facebook’s logo.

“Sapien is taking the initiative with Harambe and offering an alternative social experience to the existing system, enabled by technology but governed by people instead of algorithms,” said Ankit Bhatia, founding member of the Sapien Tribe.

This follows Sapien’s demonstration a week earlier where it pointed Harambe at the iconic Wall Street Bull and adorned its feet with 10,000 bananas, with a message that resonated with people around the world. The intent of both high-profile events is to show that the dominant power structures created by financial institutions like Wall Street and technology empires like Facebook have become wholly out of touch with the needs of everyday people, using them for profit instead of empowering them as they claim to do.

“This is an ecosystem that values human connection over division,” said Teja Aluru, founding member of the Sapien Tribe.

For the Sapien Tribe, the many bunches of bananas are potent symbols. The banana teaches us all to be patient, be selfless, and enjoy the fruit when ripe. Consistent with its ethos, Sapien is once again donating 10,000 bananas to local food banks around the Bay Area, as a gesture of equitable distribution and the power of sharing resources.

Sapien’s ecosystem will be the world’s first digital nation, made up of several foundational pillars: a social platform initially launched in 2018, which will be relaunching in the coming months to introduce next-generation social infrastructure aligned with Nature and Web 3.0 technology; the first of its kind NFT passport, open to anyone interested in becoming a founding member of the Sapien Tribe.

The first opportunity to participate in the Sapien ecosystem will occur on November 19, where Sapien will mint and release its first 10,000 Passports and launch it’s passport marketplace. Sapien is built on the Polygon blockchain and is powered by the Ethereum-based SPN utility token which members will use for network activities.

“The Sapien Tribe is looking for sensemakers, community builders, thought leaders and anyone invested in building a shared future for humanity together” said Robert Giometti, founding member of the Sapien Tribe. For more information, please visit sapien.network.

About Sapien.Network The Sapien Tribe is the first sovereign digital nation where citizenship is guaranteed through a first-of-its-kind NFT passport. The Sapien Passport guarantees citizens protection of their digital rights as well as access to a platform that allows them to join together to enable collective action on social, political, and economic issues. Upon launch, Sapien plans to extend its full-stack democracy tools to let any tribe launch their own sovereign digital nation.


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