European Investment Company Buys Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitstamp


NXMH, a Belgium-based investment company, has acquired digital currency exchange Bitstamp in an all cash deal, the exchange’s chief executive officer Nejc Kodric said on Monday. Bitstamp is the largest digital currency exchange in the European Union by volume, with turnover of $100 million per day.

NXMH, with assets under management of more than 2 billion euros, is the European subsidiary of South Korea-based NXC, which invests in digital technologies. NXC also owns South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Korbit.

The sale wasn’t planned. There was no active effort to go around and solicit buyers,” Kodrič told Reuters in an interview. The vibrant industry last year sparked potential interest from buyers to make a footprint in the industry. We started to get approached by buyers in the middle of last year.

Bitstamp had four interested buyers, the exchange’s CEO said, but opted to go with NXMH because it will allow the Luxembourg exchange to operate as it is.


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