Glacis Secures $2 Million in Seed Funding to Transform Chain Agnostic Operations

Glacis, a groundbreaking Firewall and Router Protocol for simplifying cross-chain operations, recently secured $2 million in seed funding from leading investors Arrington Capital and Paper Ventures. This funding underscores Glacis’ commitment to enhancing the security and efficiency of multi-bridge, chain-agnostic services in the web3 space. With the proliferation of new blockchains, managing apps across different chains has become increasingly complex. Glacis, developed in collaboration with Moonsong Labs, aims to streamline this process, allowing developers to focus on innovation rather than infrastructure challenges.

Jacob Blish, a Glacis Founding Contributor, highlighted the inspiration behind Glacis, stemming from his experience dealing with bridge hacks and the limitations of existing cross-chain technologies during his tenure at Lido. Glacis seeks to address these challenges by providing an intuitive tool that not only simplifies the developer experience but also enhances security by minimising single points of trust.

Glacis stands out for its ability to simplify the utilisation of multiple blockchain bridges, a traditionally intricate and risky endeavour. It offers user-friendly, open-source capabilities for building secure, multi-bridge apps, ensuring reliability and robust protection against persistent cross-chain threats.

Shymal Patel, formerly of Sommelier Finance, emphasised the potential of Glacis to solve developer challenges related to retry, redundancy, and downtime associated with bridge upgrades, thereby enabling a superior cross-chain experience.

Oliver Blakey of Paper Ventures praised Glacis as “the next stage in the evolution of cross-chain technology, highlighting its importance in securing decentralized applications in a multi-chain environment.”

Michael Arrington of Arrington Capital emphasized, “We believe in Glacis’ role in pioneering blockchain interoperability development standards, supporting collaborative technology that benefits the entire Web3 ecosystem.”

Against the backdrop of increasing cross-chain activity, with over $10 billion transferred monthly via bridges and a tenfold growth in multi-chain developers since 2015, Glacis aims to simplify and expand blockchain development, facilitating effective scaling of solutions for developers.

About Glacis:

Glacis serves as a Firewall, Router, and universal adaptor for chain-agnostic messaging, offering a comprehensive solution for cross-chain operations. Developers can use Glacis to assign different security requirements to individual messages, such as m-of-n requirements, redundancy for bridge failure, dynamic retries for delivery failure, and more.

Designed as a plug-and-play platform, Glacis eliminates the complexity of working across multiple blockchain networks, allowing developers to focus on creating robust decentralized applications (dApps) without compromising security or functionality.


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