Kraken Launches WebSockets Private API


The Kraken WebSockets Private API is live! The first two messages of the Private API are now available to all Kraken clients after having been in beta-only access since October 1. Kraken’s WebSockets API (Application Program Interface) provides a faster, more efficient interface for technically-minded clients who build software applications for trading and accessing market data. Clients use the API to establish a durable, low-latency connection with Kraken’s servers, then the servers push data incrementally to clients as soon as an update is available.

The Websockets Private API is used for trading because it specifically handles a client’s private data and actions. Kraken’s Private API provides clients with faster streaming access to their own trade activity and data.

What are the first two messages of the Private API?

The first two messages of the Private API do the following:

  • openOrders – lists the client’s open orders and pushes updates when new orders are created
  • ownTrades – lists the client’s last 50 trades and pushes updates when new trades execute

Are more messages coming to the Private API?

Yes – two more messages are coming soon:

  • addOrder – will provide a faster way to add orders
  • cancelOrder – will provide a faster way to cancel an order or list of orders

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