Coinllectibles to Launch Inaugural Artist Fusion NFT in Collaboration with Singapore’s First Female Finger-Painting Artist Adeline Yeo

Metaverse Blockchain Fusion NFT™️ company, Coinllectibles™️, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cosmos Group Holdings, Inc. (OTC: COSG) is pleased to announce that it will launch the inaugural artist Fusion NFT™️ through its collaboration with Singapore’s first female finger-painting artist – Adeline Yeo.

Recognised as Singapore’s first female finger-painting artist, Adeline Yeo is famed for her strong and uninhibited finger strokes on her paintings, that speak of courage and confidence. It is a combination of femme fatale strength and gentle femininity all at once. As an artist, Adeline also challenges convention by painting – at times, in public – blindfolded, a practice that enables her to create exceptional artworks that are authentic and soulful, much like heartbeats and pulses that connect the mind, body and soul. Her works are highly sought after by industry leaders, art aficionados and discerning art collectors.

Adeline has chosen her artwork titled “Illumination” to be minted as the Fusion NFT™️ for this launch. When asked why she chose the particular piece, Adeline commented, “Illumination is a piece that’s very dear to me. It means for one to intellectually or spiritually, arrive at a new and heightened state of awareness and revelation. To embrace the past, to savour the present and to be renewed for the future. Beyond time, beyond space – and this is exactly how I envision the metaverse to be like. I’m really enjoying working with the Coinllectibles team and their Fusion NFTs™️.”

Commenting on the inaugural launch of artist Fusion NFT™️, Benny Phang, Head of Partnerships at Coinllectibles™️ said, “We are a Singapore company. Naturally, we hope to pay homage to our roots by working with established Singaporean artists. It has been a joy working with Adeline, and more importantly, we find her artworks are emotional and inspirational, motivating one to explore the many storied facets of life, which we hope to bring to our art collectors community.”

Toby O’Connor CEO of Coinllectibles™️ added that “we are thrilled to be partnering with such a ground breaking artist as Adeline on this special piece. We hope that our collaboration through the Fusion NFT will add to Adeline’s considerable following in ways that people can enjoy her art.”


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