Starly and Melos Studio launch David Bowie tribute NFT collection

Zug, Switzerland, Jan. 25, 2022 — Starly, the decentralized nonfungible token (NFT) launchpad and marketplace gaining recognition for its unique collections, has announced the launch of an exclusive NFT collection dedicated to one of the most iconic musicians of all time: David Bowie.

The NFTs were created in collaboration with Melos Studio, the Web3 application that brings musical tracks into the NFT world, with help from the Bowie estate and Denis O’Regan, Bowie’s personal photographer. The material will be entirely exclusive and never seen before, perpetuating Bowie’s legacy and cementing it for eternity through this unique NFT collection.

Bowie’s NFT collection drops on Jan. 27 — close to the anniversaries of both his birth on Jan. 8, 1947 and his death on Jan. 10, 2016.

The launch will take place on the Starly NFT marketplace on the Flow blockchain. While the Flow blockchain is more adaptable and sustainable than alternatives in aiding unfamiliar crypto users, Starly is a leading NFT marketplace and one of the most user-friendly platforms on Flow.

Starly touts a vision to help creators of gamified collectibles, offering them step-by-step guidance and full technical support.

The standard collection consists of 21 cards with three rarity classes sold in sealed packs. However, the launchpad offers customized solutions.

The David Bowie collection consists of 12,000 NFTs divided into one-by-120 legendary, three-by-1,000 rare and four-by-2,220 common status cards. There will be one type of pack, its contents including one rare card, two common cards and one randomly assigned card with a 4% chance of legendary status.

It will include visual content such as never-before-seen photos and exclusive audio tracks with Bowie’s monologues, friendly conversations and laughter recorded during rehearsals. It also features unreleased backstage videos.

Bowie’s NFTs will take the platform to a whole new level, offering the community a new kind of content that also preserves the memory of the immortal figure. This use of NFTs is industry-unique, offering value by selling something that was never available before. It could potentially set an example for future sales of new media content in NFT form.

“We are excited to take part in a cultural action that will keep alive the icon of David Bowie, who marked the history of music with his unique music and style,” said Ilja Terebin, CEO of Starly. “We are sure that our collectors will be thrilled about this exclusive collection — so exclusive, in fact, that nobody in the public has ever seen the content inside these NFTs.”
About Starly

Starly is a launchpad and marketplace for gamified NFT collections. Aimed at making the NFT process as simple as possible for creating, selling and collecting, it offers the ultimate experience to creators and their fans. It was created by an experienced team who previously founded social networks F3 with 30 million-plus users and Ask.fm with 150 million-plus users.


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