SaaS-Blockchain Platform FiO Releases Alpha Version at Google Developer Group Meetup in Taiwan

Blockchain-based Database

The disruptive SaaS platform FiO kicked off its ambitious 2020 roadmap this week in Taiwan. The company officially released its platform’s alpha version at a Google Developers Group (GDG) meetup in Taichung, Taiwan, where a senior FiO engineer delivered a keynote speech, showcased the versatile blockchain-onboarding service in action and helped participants try it out.

FiO’s simple “blockchain tool” enables conventional companies to create tailored, non-technical blockchain applications, such as product provenance, online gaming, fitness tracking, and cross-platform loyalty rewards.

On January 9th, 2020, FiO Senior Engineer Joe Huang delivered a keynote speech to Taichung’s Google Developer Group (GDG), where he demonstrated the FiO alpha version, the convergence between blockchain and cloud services and shared insights on how to choose the right cloud service platform.

Cloud service platforms have become a ubiquitous part of the digital economy over the last 5 years. Most features though are overly complex and hard to differentiate vis-a-vis, making it difficult for non-technical customers to review offerings on merit.

Huang listed several key criteria to be assessed before choosing a solution, such as server locations, authority management, system maintenance, ease of access, synchronization accuracy, and more.

Huang also touched on cloud companies that provide blockchain solutions, such as Google’s GCP, Amazon’s AWS, Alibaba’s Alibaba Cloud and Microsoft Azure. He highlighted the converging relationship between blockchain technology and cloud services and the opportunities this present to specialist blockchain service providers like FiO.

Huang finished by demonstrating how non-technical users could utilize FiO’s blockchain tool without any programming knowledge, by using free Google cloud computing applications such as Google Sheets.

After garnering significant buzz in 2019 from the blockchain industry, the event marks an important milestone for FiO as it’s their first official alpha version release, a vital step in a dedicated testing process. Going forward, FiO will engage in rigorous further product testing and developer community feedback to provide users with a groundbreaking final product later in 2020.

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