Samsung SDS Expands Blockchain Business With Cloud-based Enterprise Platform



On June 18, Samsung SDS introduced customers’ common pain points in adopting blockchain and announced its blockchain business direction and the solution to the pain points. When companies apply blockchain technology to their business, they have concerns on △Converging services across various industries △Connecting different blockchain technologies △Easy application and expansion of blockchain in timely manner. Samsung SDS proposes ‘3C’ solutions to solve such difficulties; Convergence, Connectivity, Cloud.

First, recent market circumstances not just demand companies to simply adopt blockchain on existing business but also to develop new converged service that connects business processes of different industries such as manufacturing, logistics, government, financial and healthcare.

As a case of Convergence between healthcare and financial industries, Samsung SDS announced its plan to launch blockchain based ‘Automatic Insurance Claim Service’, by the end of August, which was built by the consortium of Samsung SDS, medical institutions, insurance companies and digital healthcare companies.

Second, as the number of blockchain application increases worldwide and as various technology platforms emerge, connectivity among blockchain networks of different countries and technologies is becoming more important.

To highlight its capability in Connectivity, Samsung SDS introduced its pilot project of connecting blockchain networks of China’s Tianjin Airport and Korea’s Incheon Airport to exchange air cargo data. This case of connecting Tianjin Airport’s blockchain platform developed by OneConnect, an IT arm of Ping An Insurance Company in China, with Incheon Airport’s International Airport Customs Service, developed by Samsung SDS, can be used as a standard for blockchain based trade network between the two countries.

Moreover, Samsung SDS announced its case of connecting networks using different blockchain technologies like Samsung SDS’s Nexledger, Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum through its ‘DELIVER’ platform that was jointly developed by Samsung SDS, the Port of Rotterdam Authority and ABN AMRO.

Samsung SDS plans to play a leading role in establishing worldwide logistics information network based on blockchain by expanding ‘DELIVER’ platform globally. Last but not least, customers’ needs for an easy and low-cost development of blockchain application are increasing.

To meet these needs, Samsung SDS provides its Nexledger Universal in the global cloud marketplace, allowing customers to use it in the cloud environment without installing a separate server and an application.

In addition, Samsung SDS is actively participating on expanding the blockchain ecosystem by securing global partnerships and providing Nexledger Universal Test-Net for public developers to design and test blockchain services without additional charge.

Jeanie Hong, Senior Vice President, Leader of Blockchain Center at Samsung SDS, said, “We will expand our blockchain business with cloud-based Nexledger Universal to support enterprise customers’ digital transformations.”


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