GreenLight Credentials Supports College Readiness for Texas High School Students


The Commit Partnership, a coalition of over 200 public and private schools, colleges, universities, foundations, businesses, and nonprofits, selected GreenLight Credentials to provide its innovative blockchain platform to the Texas College Bridge. This program, in partnership with the Texas Education Agency, helps Texas students become college ready. In just three months, over 100 Texas independent and charter school districts have signed up to provide their students with a personalized bridge to college readiness. These include Dallas ISD, Amarillo ISD, Mesquite ISD, and Bastrop ISD.

“We’re happy to be the first school district in Texas to bring Texas College Bridge to our students!” said Dr. Tracey Brown, Director of Guidance, Counseling & College Readiness at Irving ISD. “This will prepare our students to take college courses upon enrollment and make their transition to college faster, cheaper, and more secure.”

The Texas College Bridge is providing over 6,000 students a GreenLight eLocker for accessing Math and English courses needed to demonstrate college readiness. Upon completion of one or more of these courses, a verifiable Certificate of Completion is added to the student’s eLocker. The student can use his or her handheld device to instantly share this certificate, along with transcripts, achievement badges, resumes and other more with participating colleges.

“To have this program in place to help students continue their journey has been a game changer,” Dr. Brown continued. “The motivation for us was to not let our students fall through the cracks. This was an opportunity for us to help them across that bridge and matriculate on through college. It is truly important for us to have our kids graduate from college.”

Manoj Kutty, GreenLight’s CEO, explained, “Society knows education is central to making the world a better place and GreenLight is working to give students a superior path to college through ownership of their academic records.”

GreenLight is placing students first, helping them realize the power of digital life-long learning records for college and career success. The Texas College Bridge is a leading example of the project. It is dedicated to helping students achieve the greatest potential in the student and the economy.

Image: shutterstock.com


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