Work Hard Stay Humble

“Work Hard Stay Humble” is a project that explores both process and materials. Development for the project began with sketches and then a digitized version.

The word piece was then enlarged and cut out of wood using shop tools. The final piece measures about six feet in both height and width and sits about three inches off the wall in our graphic design studio at the University of Florida.

If this collection of work is just a preview of what’s to come, I’m very excited to see where his design career takes him.

Splash-proof illustration

Who studied German literature, German literature is, who is studying medicine, is doctor who studies physics is physics, but who studied philosophy, this will by no philosopher. But I would say that the study of philosophy according to specialization may be an ideal preparation for the Informationsachitekten.


As we increasingly move past the point of sufficiency, manufacturers will continue to try filling ever-smaller niches. It becomes more about something you like/ want to use more than something you need. Is there room for one in your arsenal? Only you can answer that.  For philosophy teaches one to work on and to the order of the terms.

Images for this post are under copyright © Clarke Harris


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